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Geri Langton
Therapeutic Counsellor

Change can be challenging and upsetting, even welcomed change such as a new baby, new relationship or children leaving home can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Bereavement and other situations that give a feeling of loss can shake your sense of identity, creating feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Choosing to have Therapy is a great way of connecting to your life story from where you are now.

Talking openly in a safe and confidential space, I will help you to unpack the emotions attached to your experience and together we can identify the tools that will help you deal with these feelings.

I am a person centred, humanistic, existential therapist with over 14 years  client experience.

I can help you with problems you are struggling with, such as:

I truly believe that every person deserves to feel heard.

These are some of the comments left by clients.

“It's not easy to find the "One" and I am very happy I found Geri. Very professional and supportive therapist who I would recommend to work with!”
“I cannot recommend Geri enough! She is empathetic, and caring, with lots of knowledge and experience, and an added bonus is that she has a lovely sense of humour! I feel really seen and heard during our sessions together. We have great discussions and she is able to positively challenge me when needed so that I can dig deep and explore perspectives I maybe haven't considered before. She's helped me learn so much more about myself and we have uncovered root causes of certain traits/behaviours, which is helping me with my healing and growth”
“Geri has been just great. She really understands where I am coming from, and listens to what I am saying - she seems to have the ability to pick out the relevant things. She has taught me to love and respect myself on many levels during the time we have worked together and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for authenticity in a counsellor”
“I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Geri. She is a good listener, non judgemental, gives practical suggestions, asks questions that don't make me feel uncomfortable and makes me take a moment to assess things with a different mindset”
“I found Geri to be empathetic and non judgemental, she is caring and able to listen and really understand what is being said, I would not hesitate to recommendation her for anyone who wants to work through their current issues and past trauma in a space that feels very safe”
“I have only been working with Geri for a little while but her knowledge, respect, care and sense of humour is a style of therapy that really works for me She is great at understanding my deeper issues and suggests easy I can process and work through them I’d definitely recommend Geri to others seeking therapy”
“I really enjoyed my time with Geri, she is helpful, understanding and guided me in many ways”

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